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Judith Fletcher

People, Animals, Birds

Daisy Sees a Friend 600x600p Grumble in the Jungle 500x667p at 72 secret garden 500x671p The Cello Player 500x665 at 72 Portrait of the Architect 500x625 at 72 Rush Hour at Cheltenham 711x500p Sweet Dreams 673x500 at 72 Victor sleeps it off 619x500p Susanna 506x600 at 72 Percy takes a break 500x714p I said 'Don't wake me!' 480x600 at 72 Don't even ask! 500x631p Out on a Limb 700x538 at 72 Mood Indigo 451x600 at 72 Spots before your eyes 500x664 at 72 Portrait The Magnificent Seven 625x500p Great Expectations 600x612p at 72 Definitely Greener Pamela's Lucky Day CARD 600x600 at 72