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Judith Fletcher

About the Artist

A brief summary:

  • passionate about art since I first held a pencil

  • North London Collegiate School - encouraged creativity

  • Bath Academy of Art, Corsham - BA graphic design

  • designer, educational television

  • increasing interest in visual communication and educational media

  • British Council Media Department - running courses in UK and overseas

  • City University Business School - MBA

  • running an educational software company with my husband

  • at present drawing, painting and making, and revelling in the freedom to enjoy and explore art for its own sake.


How I work:

With notebook and camera, or increasingly an i-pad, I try to capture what strikes me about a scene. I enjoy sketching on the spot, but prefer to bring ideas back to the studio and work there from my sketches and photographic reference.


Current interests:

Paper cutting - using line work, precision and other graphic design skills.

Painting - it's important not to limit oneself to tight detail, and I aim to work freely, using loose brushwork and thick paint to create images that are strong, lively and colourful. At present I'm enjoying exploring mixed media in a series inspired by a visit to Fuerteventura, with its stark landscapes and varied cactuses.

Assemblages of words and objects - using my own lettering designs hand cut from paper, plus found objects including pebbles and local Thames Valley flints.

Cards - many of my works are available as greetings cards.

JF portrait 500x710p Judith working on a collage 600x600 at 72